Web Proxy Sites 2020

Web proxy sites are very useful privacy tools that can be used to quickly access a website anonymously, via the web proxy service. Many users use proxy sites to access Facebook or Twitter when they are at work or at school, other users may use web proxy sites to bypass Internet censorship and access blocked websites. Here is a list of the best FREE and fastest web-based proxy sites available on the web:

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#Proxy SiteBandwidthType
1) Hideoxy.com Very FastFREE
2) Zend2.com Very FastFREE
3) Websiteproxy2.com Very FastFREE
4) Zfreez.com Very FastFREE
5) Unblock123.com Very FastFREE
6) Hideme.be Very FastFREE
7) 4proxy.de Very FastFREE
8) Unblockvideos.com Very FastFREE
9) Filterbypass.me Very FastFREE
10) Zalmos.com Very FastFREE
11) Newipnow.com Very FastFREE
12) Hiload.com Very FastFREE

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